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Part Time Constituency Assistant
9 to noon Monday – Friday

Job Summary

A Constituency Assistant (CA) is an employee responsible for the administration of the Constituency Office of a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). Responsible for a diverse set of administrative responsibilities and challenges while maintaining excellent customer service. Manages and responds to constituent casework on a strictly confidential basis, including outreach and correspondence. Provides administrative, research and constituency support for the MLA.

In addition to working with constituents, the CA works with other Constituency staff and is responsible to liaise between the Constituency Office and the Legislative Office in Victoria and other MLA offices in the area. The CA will also communicate and coordinate with all levels of government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Regional etc.), community groups and interest groups.

Job Duties

The CA is responsible for maintaining the Constituency Office and offering support to the MLA, constituents as well as immediate and extended staff. Under the general supervision of the MLA, duties may include:

  1. Assistance and Advocacy for Constituents
  1. Community Outreach and Liaison
  1. Information and Public Relations
  1. Administration and Organizational Tasks
  1. Other duties as assigned by the MLA

Selection Criteria

Education and Work Experience

Skills and Abilities

Further information maybe obtained by calling 250-417-6022.

How to apply:

Please email resume and cover letter to [email protected].