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Voting Information

You can find the closest voting place to where you live by visiting the Elections BC app or download the East Kootenay Voting Place Information PDF. We have also provided a downloadable, printable PDF that includes voting places on election day (October 24) and advanced voting places, dates and time.

Hi, I’m Tom Shypitka.

I served as your MLA until the BC NDP called this  unnecessary election in the middle of a pandemic.  I hope you’ll take two minutes and read what I have to say.

First off, thank you for electing me in 2017. It is my honour to work for you and help make the East Kootenay a better place to live, work and play. I ask that you vote for me again. I have particularly enjoyed helping people solve the problems with government. It is so frustrating to be told you must take your high-risk pregnancy to Vancouver when Calgary is so much closer. Helping that family get a referral to Calgary makes me happy I decided to go into politics. It is the helping of ordinary people that is the best part of this job!

The NDP government has squandered the $3 Billion surplus left by the last BC Liberal government (well before the pandemic) and BC is now in debt far more than ever before. Our economy is crashing and there is no plan for renewal.

The BC Liberal Party has big plans for after this election, if you elect us to government:

  • No BC sales tax for one year & drop the rate to 3% thereafter;
  • A $1 Billion plan to improve senior’s healthcare;
  • Open auto insurance to competition & bring down costs;
  • Cut mines permitting time in half;
  • Ensure carbon tax costs do not chase employers to other jurisdictions;
  • Base well-funded wildlife management on science, not politics;

You have my continuing commitment that I will represent you vigorously after this election. I am a family man. I know we need strong health services for all ages, a vibrant economy with jobs, education for our children, and government investment in our local highways, schools, and health facilities.

Let’s continue to work together to make the East Kootenay. Please vote to re-hire me in this BC election.

Thank you!

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